When in doubt, spend $10.5k+ on a consultant

With the 2nd campaign finance reports in, Bree LaCasse’s campaign has spent at least $10,500 on John Eder (former House Rep). Perhaps, this is the true meaning of the Green Party? Perhaps, this is some form of grassroots activism I was unaware of?

Keep in mind:

  1. This is a City Council race we’re talking about
  2. This is more money than most campaigns have total

Strangely, this behavior of spending a ton on consultants makes Bree LaCasse more like a Republican.


A Sudden Upsurge of Small Donors?

“Contributions of $50 or less in Aggregate” account for $9,611 (40%) of the $23,745 this reporting period (7/1/17 - 10/24/17). Seeing so many small donations raises suspicions of churn and burn tactics which are fueled by email lists.

Even if the most pristine of scenarios is playing out in a campaign aligned with Steven Biel and spending $10.5k on consultants, one has to wonder if the donors would approve of such spending?