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Donation data is based on campaign finance reports

Resource Archive Link
Raven Equity Holdings (Charter# 20131303DC) n/a
black point corporation - about us http://archive.is/8pSm8
Our History - Black Point Capital Management http://archive.is/URhd7
Robert C. S. Monks - Dirigo Property Management http://archive.is/ySuv2
Robert C. S. Monks: Executive Profile & Biography - Bloomberg http://archive.is/mci6Z
Monks O’Neil > Principals http://archive.is/TivRV
The Szanton Company - An Affiliate of the Monks Companies - Staff http://archive.is/neX7G
The Eagle Point Companies - Partners @ 125 JOHN ROBERTS ROAD, SUITE 12, SOUTH PORTLAND, ME, 04106 http://archive.is/p7l5P
EPC Ironwood - Gp, LLC @ 125 John Roberts Road, Suite 12, South Portland, Me, 04106 screenshot
Arbors at Ironwood (owned by Eagle Point) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 n/a
The Team - NewHeight Group http://archive.is/69P5i
Our Team - CHOM http://archive.is/gQwfT
About Us - Protect Our Neighborhood Schools http://archive.is/hTbgA
Millicent Carnegie Monks (Sprague) n/a
‘You survive or you go under’ - The Guardian http://archive.is/zYhw9
A Financial History of Modern U.S. Corporate Scandals: From Enron to Reform - Jerry W Markham - Google Books n/a
Emily Figdor screenshot
Steven Biel screenshot
Immanuel Herrmann screenshot
Erin Cooperrider screenshot
Rex Bell http://archive.is/RZUfr
Josh(ua) Benthien 1,2 http://archive.is/6TTtv, screenshot
Campaign fundraising well underway for Portland City Council races - Portland Press Herald http://archive.is/2Zb2w
New force in Portland politics packs a one-two punch - Portland Press Herald https://archive.is/iNmtE
LaCasse sets high bar for Portland City Council campaign funding - The Forecaster http://archive.is/GtQFf
Top Maine political donors betting on Democrats - Portland Press Herald http://archive.is/LPDwl
Two Mainers help raise a bundle for Obama - Portland Press Herald http://archive.is/gMAnV
CBRE Group n/a
History is made with $87.5M South Portland apartment complex sale - MaineBiz http://archive.is/1EOWW
Charles G. Moore III (wealthy venture capitalist father of Christopher Moore, Bree LaCasse’s husband) screenshot